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As from 10 January 2019 all tariffs of all the Courts in South Africa have been changed as follows:

Drafting bill of costs:

11% of the fee component

Attending Taxation:

11% on the first R10,000.00, 6% on the second R10,000.00 and 3% on the balance of the total of the bill of costs.

Our rates will be changing in accordance with the new Court Tariffs in all Courts as from 10 January 2019. Effectively still providing our services free of charge to you or your clients as always.






It is a great honour to our firm to have been accepted as a member of The Board of Legal Costs Mediators (BLCM). www.blcm.co.za


The main objective of the BLCM (www.blcm.co.za)  is to provide an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) platform as an alternative to formal taxations in all South African forums.


ADR has become the preferred method of resolving disputes outside of the traditional court environment and most agreements, nowadays, provide for disputes to be referred to ADR before approaching a court regarding litigious matters. The BLCM now provides for ADR to be applied to the legal costs aspect of the matter as well.


BLCM provides a neutral platform and physical venue for parties to resolve disputes relating to the taxation of bills of costs.


BLCM provides a forum with competent and experienced Legal Costs Mediators and Assessors to assist parties in resolving their legal costs disputes.


Parties may enter into Legal Costs Mediation or Legal Costs Assessments. The former being a guidance between parties by a Legal Costs Expert/Mediator and the latter being a more formal costs determination by a Legal Costs Expert/Assessor.


An agreement must be entered into between the parties to accept any rulings made by the assessor in a formal assessment of costs.


When entering into mediation the parties need to be open-minded in order to be guided by the mediator to reach an amicable agreement regarding the legal costs.


The allocatur in both the formal assessment and the mediation process, will then be presented to the Taxing Master of the relevant court, who will sign such allocatur as settled between the parties.


There are currently 4 Legal Costs Experts/Mediators/Assessors on the member panel. Each member pays a membership fee to belong to the BLCM and has to comply with a strict Code of Conduct.


The BLCM’s members are bound to the ethics of “good practice” and apply a certain set of case-law pre-determined legal costs practices to all mediation/assessments without allowing same to fetter their discretion.


There will soon be 15 members who can be appointed in all major centers in South Africa with a maximum of 10 working days waiting time.


The BLCM is administered by The Mafuta Trust , which has a 25% BEE beneficiary component.



Please take note that all South African Court tariffs have been increased as from 1 November 2017. Please download same free of charge.

After many years of attorneys being unfairly subjected to the restrictions i.t.o. Rule 43 (7) & (8) (both on Party & Party and Attorney & Client costs) these sub-rules have been repealed as from 1 November 2017.


Introducing Legal Costs Online (Pty) Ltd incorporating Matthys J Lourens Legal Costs Consultants CC - since 1996

Legal Costs Online (Pty) Ltd is a technology driven company specialising as experts in legal costs in South Africa and the UK.

We are not an attorney firm and we do not represent clients as legal representatives. We are employed by our clients purely as legal costs experts.

Whenever we attend proceedings in our capacity as legal costs experts we are accompanied by an admitted practicing attorney/counsel with the right of appearance in all forums and in all provinces of South Africa. We also employ 12 costs "draftsmen" and two ex-Taxing Masters of the High Court/Arbitration Forum.

We serve several large private companies, as well as most of the leading attorney firms throughout South Africa.

Our company has several excellent references of previous large legal costs instructions completed such as the costs involved in the Tollgate saga, Club Mykonos Langebaan Debenture Holders, multiple Metrorail matters, complex motor vehicle accident claims, intricate commercial contracts, complex maritime matters etc.

We are proud members of the Board of Legal Costs Mediators - www.blcm.co.za


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